Welcome to my Homepage! Having retired (Spring 2012) from a 24-year volunteer-role as CoSec/CFO/trustee of Learning Through Action, an education charity (after ‘winding it up’ due to ‘the cuts’ in UK education funding) I found I had time to attempt a sort-out of my personal ‘archives’ (otherwise known as ‘all that clutter’). Two old storage boxes of yellowing paper were a particularly dusty challenge. I was fairly certain these boxes contained my past ‘writings’, but would have found it difficult to be more specific. After some enjoyable days spent deciphering my handwriting I began to think that there might be quite a few short stories, anecdotes, articles and abandoned novels that, if ‘word-processed’ and ‘copy-edited’ with a more contemporary eye, might be appreciated by a wider readership. Launching this personal website is hopefully a first step to setting up a means of disseminating my ‘refurbished’ work and new material. As they say, ‘Please watch this space!’